This was genuinely one of my favourite projects to work on. Patrice is a friend of ours based in LA, California. “Together Good Co. is a company that specializes in connecting healthy, snack, wellness, and style brands to the backstage experience via our unique hospitality presence in the entertainment industry.”
The Together Good Co. website utilises a blog post, Patrice really uses this area to show off her personable, funny and relaxed approach to business.
The logo design process was a lot of fun, and the Wacom Intuous Pro helped me to hand-draw the shape for the 'TGC' logo. We tried several variations before arriving at the final logo design, which is clean, versatile, personal and professional.
The website is user-friendly and is super consistent with the branding throughout. Script handwriting contrasts really nicely with the sans serif fonts used for titles and navigation. Patrice has a colourful, bright personality and this website does a great job of reflecting that.
Yes, this logo now appears frequently at all sorts of huge events, where Patrice is a backstage host for celebrities. This is great exposure for me, and I'm so grateful that Patrice trusted me with her incredible brand. Check her out at to find out more about what she does!
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