I partnered with fellow Bristolian (and slightly superior basketball player) Ben Giles, to help him launch his dream company: Balloon Letting Co.

With the goal of becoming the number 1 lettings agency in Bristol, we had a big task ahead of us. But with a lot of creative strategy, honesty and hard work, we're well on our way.
As a result of our brand strategy sessions, a number of things became clear in shaping the logo and other creative assets. The brand should be:

A combination of professional and approachable
"The Good Guy" in an industry lacking in trust and good-will
Reminding people of home, rather than the office
Have a sense of adventure and playfulness

These were aspirational ideas which set the business up to fill a gap in the market, to help them stand out from the competitors, and offer genuine value to their customers. (And they've gone a long way to reaching that goal - see this article in the Bristol Post interview Ben on his success.) 

After hundreds of sketching and plenty of collaboration, the brand was born.
The logo combines a number of key ideas, including a GPS-style-pin (to show location) which sits above a home, giving the overall shape impression of a hot-air ballon.
We opted for a colour palette which was both modern and vintage, giving that well-established and warm feel. The peach and orange work really well together online or in print to give people all the right impressions about the brand.
We built an industry-leading website (launching later this year) on the Wordpress platform using the Elementor editor. Knowing that a large proportion of the target audience was tech-savvy, we put mobile and tablet functionality at the top of our priority list.
We developed the brand further by creating three sub-brands. This required some additional work on brand architecture, and we decided that an 'Endorsed Brands' approach was the most appropriate. We wanted the sub-brands to have a balanced sense of independence, while maintaining congruence with the parent brand: Balloon Letting Co.
It's been an honour to be involved in creating and sustaining such a fantastic brand. A big thanks to Ben for trusting me and the team, and I'd like to wish him every success in the future with his company.

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