In 2021 I collaborated with marketing and strategy expert Beckie Smith ( to rebrand Gloucester-based Arts charity Artlift.
Our first step was conducting a number of engaging brand-strategy sessions. With this foundation, we were uniquely positioned to help the Artlift brand move in the right direction. 

We spent plenty of time talking with the core team and founder, and after doing lots of listening (and some great activities) we discovered that Artlift had a specific problem to overcome.
It was really clear that the work Artlift was doing had outgrown its brand. The way their audience perceived them was potentially backed up by their visuals and language: the Artlift brand was naive and in desperate need of a 'grow up'.
Brand Messaging
Brand Guidelines PDF
Our challenge was to determine what this wonderful charity would grow into! More research lead to the discovery of three potential paths: The pioneer, the pastor and the professor. We summarised these in visual form using stylescapes.

We selected the pioneer to move forward as this was closest to the brand strategy's aims for the future of Artlift, and would be the most successful way to close the gap with the market's perception of the brand.
The Pioneer Stylescape
The Pastor Stylescape
The Professor Stylescape
With the creative direction in place, we moved onto the logo design process, and eventually creating a bespoke set of assets, templates and stationary. We hope you'll agree that the end result is a very grown-up, exciting and bold brand.

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