This is my friend Tim, one of the wisest people I know, and this is his company: Wisdomlab.
Wisdomlab is the creation of a good friend of mine, Tim Groves. It was a privilege to help him create an identity for this venture.
The website helpfully explains the purpose of Wisdomlab, along with the various services available.
I really enjoyed creating a clean and consistent look, filled with some solid photography and a healthy dose of icons to ease navigation.
This website was built using Wix, and uses a really nice full-width, two-column design.
The logo does a good job of mirroring Tim's attention to detail and his appreciation for complexity and design. 
This explainer document introduces clients to Wisdomlab and takes it's design lead from the website to create a unified look.
This is a Wisdom Leadership Map, designed from scratch for the purpose of visually demonstrating wisdom competencies and barriers to wisdom. It was fun learning curve creating individual elements of an OS map, but the result is a unique, insightful and clear tool for some very helpful conversations.
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