Logo design 
Individuals and brands are identifiable through their branding. This is made up of a logo, colour scheme, fonts and other styles. Together, they help the company or brand to communicate with their audience. Brand recognition is key to building trust - like recognising a friendly face in the street.
Identification, not explanation
The purpose of a logo is to identify something, not to explain it to death. This is nothing new: In ancient history we had hieroglyphics, and now we have emojis, but no matter what we're trying to communicate, symbols and icons help us to identify someone or something quicker. The logo design process is, in some ways, very simple. I create an icon which helps people to identify you. 
The process
In some ways, however, the process is very complex. From identity discovery to consultation, from hundreds of sketched ideas to vector artwork, from a single black and white image to a dynamic logo animation, from business cards to billboards. The final product is always a logo which accurately reflects the heart of the brand, is simple, timeless, and appropriate for the industry.
To find out more about the process and to receive a personalised quote, get in touch!
My instagram portfolio has many examples of logos I've completed, and there are also videos showing you how they were made. Go check it out to find out more, and possibly discover some inspiration for your logo update.
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